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Hi, if you are reading this then you must be interested in knowing a bit more about us so here goes
We are a family run business established in 1999.  We started off with candles, giftware, party tableware, banners, balloons and a small selection of fancy dress items.  However, after a couple of years fancy dress began to take over. Bit by bit it drove out the candles and giftware, it beat back the party items until they were condensed into one part of the shop and it infested all the available storage space including everywhere that is shared with our other business, to the point where if anyone clears a space they have to fill it quickly or they find a box of fancy dress stock has magically appeared in it!!

We have a small number of staff and a number of small staff!


Angela Doe – Partner/Manager
Responsible for pretty much everything, the good and the bad!Married to Gareth Doe with two boys, daughter of Barbara and David Mangnall, auntie of Ashley Doe – truly a family business !!

I love my job! It is great fun to come to work. Going to trade shows/getting new catalogues to find the latest costumes to put into the shop is my favourite thing.  Although we then have to create the space to display everything when you do not want to take anything out!

There are some strange requests in a day – such as a flea costume for a nativity and one of the most often heard phrases is “This is going to sound really weird and it is not for me but …”, the thing is, it is all part of what makes it fun, helping people put together the outfit that doesn’t exist with a few bits and pieces and some imagination!


Barbara Mangnall – (Angela’s Mum)
General dogsbody (she said that!) does everything that needs doing basically, an invaluable member of the team who has covered for Angela while she was on maternity leave twice without complaining (much), she is the chief fixer of costumes and a very bad influence when it comes to ordering new lines “oh just get it” is often heard whilst I am dithering about how much room we have.  She loves Jose Mourinho and is anxiously awaiting the day when he is going to come and take her away … so are we!!!!


Gareth Doe – (Angela’s Husband)
Brew Boy!! Also does all the moving around of stock for the various seasons once I have made the boxes too heavy for me to lift, he has the patience of a saint and will happily show you every costume in the shop if you cannot make your mind up, without ever rolling his eyes or suggesting you go away and Google your theme!  He also has a great memory for films and characters from them, which often comes in useful.


David Mangnall – The real boss (or so he thinks)
prefers to work upstairs, or preferably abroad, and the proud owner of a credit card which is prone to catch fire at least a couple of times between Halloween and New Year.

Once possessed a fine stock control system which has now been replaced by NIH*. In this system all stock is hidden under more stock, out of season stock, cardboard boxes, or flattened cardboard boxes. Having removed all the upper layers, this state of the art labour making device, then displays what an invaluable product it is by informing anyone who cares to know, that you are out of stock.

Tends to roll his eyes a lot, but this only shows that he is longing for the olden days when he used to get Boxing Day off.

He can also never remember that when customers come in asking for furry costumes, they usually mean something with wings, not fur. (Well it is Lancashire!)

* Needle in Haystack.


Ashley Doe – The Nephew
Usually seen around Halloween and Christmas time when we get extra busy, he is the one that talks a lot!!! At this point the rest of us take to wearing earplugs, so if we seem to be ignoring you please don’t take offence we are just protecting our sanity.  Talking aside he is a very nice young man who works hard for us when we need him and likes to help people, again he has lots of patience which is always handy when working with us!!


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